Time to update your email!

Last week, I was perusing this great article from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) about email addresses and it got me thinking…

Whether you realize it or not, your email says many things about you and some of them you may not like!

  • Your email handle is a reflection on you. If you’re looking for a job, dayumImkool@yahoo.com may not be a professional first impression! As the WSJ article mentions, drug use connotations may not be the wisest either.
  • If you’re in business for yourself, get an email address specific to your business website (like andres.romero@e2efinancial.com). If you don’t, it connotes a lack of professionalism and worse: your email may be much less secure! In my business, we make sure our business partners are using secure business emails.
  • Your email provider may be behind the times! It is known that old school providers like Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail, Mindspring (and many more) email address have not kept up with the times and create many unnecessary issues that modern email providers like Gmail, iCloud and ProtonMail (among others) do not. A couple major issues we’ve encountered with the old school providers are: inability to receive secure documents and unable to process calendar invitations.

The old school providers, listed above, are also a reflection of not keeping up with the times.

Make sure to take a look at your email provider and your email handle. It may be time for a refresh. And as an added bonus, you’ll start spam free!!