Money Saving Tips from E2E!

Knowing that Amazon’s Prime Day(s) starts Tuesday, July 16th and runs through Wednesday the 17th, I’d thought we’d give you some money saving ideas that we use.

  1. Use Rakuten to get money back on your purchases. To date, I have gotten over $1,400 back from purchases. Just remember to use their website or app before you make any purchase. Even in store.
  2. Use credit cards with great benefits like cash back and travel benefits/points. Recommend you start here to see what fits you best right now. My favorite is Costco’s Citi Visa for cash back and American Express Platinum for travel perks. I often get first class seating using miles.
  3. Sign up for your favorite restaurants’ apps. Get your order quickly and get free food! My favorite is Jersey Mike’s. (eating healthier these days)
  4. Add RetailMeNot as a Chrome extension and download their app. When you go to a shopping website in their system, a coupon will pop up to save you money. They also have cash back like Rakuten.

It is important to use miles and points that you accumulate ASAP! Their values decrease over time. Try them out and start saving! And, by the way, #1 and #4 can help you save even more during Amazon Prime Day!

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