Looking to Hire and/or Retain Top Staff?

The #1 concern I continue to hear from our clients is the hiring and retaining for top dental staff. This is top concern since 2020. The key is how to proactively address it.

First thing we recommend you do is: your homework. We recommend starting by reading the newly released 2024 DentalPost Dental Salary Report. (<- Click to get your copy)

Key insights from this year’s findings:

  • Wages increased significantly in 2023.
  • Over 50% of employees (dentist, RDHs, DA’s, Mgrs., Office staff) are looking at job openings going into 2024. Top reason: higher pay.
  • Percentage of dental employees receiving benefits increased from 70% to 85%.

Once you get up-to-speed on the latest dental staff findings, develop a plan. This should include developing/fine-tuning your hiring process, new hire onboarding and ongoing proactive training and communication.

Part of the communication we highly recommend is, once benefits are added (like health insurance, retirement plans, student loan reimbursement/matching, etc), you need to consistently remind your staff of the fantastic benefits you offer them! If you’re not sure how to going about this, we can help! Reach out and let’s chat!

We are also here to speak on this key topic of the value of benefits for hiring and retaining staff to your dental conference/meeting. Click here to learn more.