Happy Thanksgiving from E2E and the Price of Turkeys

As we are a week away from Thanksgiving, we here at E2E wanted to wish you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings!

Since a big economic topic this year has been inflation, I thought I’d study the prices of frozen turkey’s over the past few years.

According to the USDA since 2017 the average price of frozen turkeys has gone up on average 12.4% per year from $0.96 per pound to $1.55 p/lb in 2022. Considering the current US inflation is 3.2%, that’s quite an increase! For 2023, I’ve seen prices from $0.99 p/lb to $3.49 p/lb for an organic turkey from Whole Foods (like I got – minus $0.50 p/lb for being a Prime Member).

I love to cook the turkey and have a tried and true recipe for you. It’s from Alton Brown of Food Channel fame. (UGA grad and Marietta, GA resident to boot!) The recipe (<- click here to see the full recipe!) calls for brining a day before you cook it. Brining is THE KEY to this great recipe. If you brine, you’ll end up with a succulent, delicious turkey. Get the ingredients ASAP and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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(Pictured: “Stilts,” Marketing Director Theresa’s PET turkey. He’s safe from being a dinner centerpiece!)