The Importance of a Dental-Specific Advisor


The Importance of a Dental-Specific Advisor

As a dentist, you know that patients come to you because they have a need that only you can solve. If a patient goes to a general doctor, a cardiologist, a radiologist or another well trained person for a filling, all the knowledge in the world won’t help solve their oral care needs like you, with your years of specialized training, will. In the same way, it is equally crucial to have a financial expert who understands the unique challenges and opportunities faced by dental professionals like yourself in order to give you the specialized financial care you deserve.

We understand that your financial situation is distinct from other professions and even from other dentists. Considerations such as practice ownership, equipment purchases, student loan debt, and the cyclical nature of your income all factor into the financial advice we curate for you.

We have been working with dentists for over 20 years and are accepted members of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants ( ADMC ). We have a deep knowledge and understanding of how we can serve dentists best.

In the video above (or click here to view it), Andres shares a client story of how his dental industry knowledge and our cultivated resources were able to immediately assist a client, even though the issue wasn’t necessarily finance-related.

We want to share with you our insight into your dental financial journey. Set up your FREE initial consultation and let us help you live your best financial life.