Passive Income for Dentists

Passive Income for Dentists

5 Options for Dental Practices

One of the hot topics in dentistry is finding passive income opportunities for dentists. For many dentists being behind the chair for 30+ years is not their goal. What passive income options do dentists have? There are many! In today’s Dental Insights, we want to review some passive income options and get your feedback on which ones you’d like to learn more about (and/or add some we missed).

The top 5 passive income options that our doctors use and/or come to mind are:

  1. Owning commercial real estate. Primarily the land and building where you have your practice(s)
  2. Adding an associate(s) to your practice(s)
  3. In office patient membership programs
  4. Selling dental products in office
  5. Creating institutes/courses/CE/material

We have mentioned #3 before. Be sure to click on the link to learn more. We want to take a deep dive in to each of these and any we may have missed. Please click below on the one you want to learn most about (or add one we missed). We will start with the top vote getter and dive deep on future EDI newsletters.

We are putting together a presentation on this topic. If your dental conference/study club would like us to present it to your group, reach out and let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you. If you’d like to set up your free consultation to review and take action on your financial goals, click here to schedule.