Owning Dental Commercial Real Estate

Passive Dental Income Ideas:

Owning Dental Commercial Real Estate

In our last Dental Insights newsletter, we asked you to vote on which passive income ideas you wanted to hear more about. The top response was “Owning commercial real estate”. We believe this is one of the top passive income options dentists should consider. We will discuss owner-occupied real estate.

Since we are not experts in this area, we’ve asked one of our healthcare commercial real estate partners to tell you more about it. Please welcome Peyton Roebuck. Peyton is a Principal and Broker with Lightpoint Real Estate Partners.

Executive summary of Peyton’s reasons to consider owning commercial real estate (CRE) :

  • The tax benefits can be numerous
  • It’s an additional asset to add to your net worth.
  • Creates monthly income you can continue into retirement
  • The myth of needing a substantial down payment
  • The myth of how much time you need to research, organize and find a real estate opportunity
  • Don’t be overwhelmed. Find an expert.

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Want to learn more about owning CRE? Reach out to Peyton Roebuck. Want to learn more on how CRE can fit in your financial plan? Reach out to us to help guide you.

To our dental partners, if you have ideas you’d like included in our Dental Insights newsletter and blog, or if your dental conference/study club would like us to present on passive income ideas to your group, please reach out.