Don’t Get Duped!

Be Cybersecurity Aware

It happens to the best of us…. A couple of weeks ago a colleague told us they were quickly scrolling through Facebook and an “alert” came up. On a quick glance, it looked legit. It asked to verify their info by uploading their drivers license. Without thinking, our colleague did.

Well, it was a scam. Pay attention when you are online and before you respond to an “urgent” alert. If it happens to you, change your passwords and also lock your credit with all three credit bureaus: Experian, Transunion and Equifax. ( <- Clicking on BLUE takes you directly locking your credit)

These experiences and the news last week of the data leak from vendor to most of the Teachers Retirement System’s around the country including Georgia are a good reminder to all of us to keep on top of cybersecurity. Steps to take: freeze your credit, update your passwords, turn on 2 factor authentication (2FA or TFA) and keep an eye on all credit card charges. It not a matter of if but when we all will have cyber issue. Please know at E2E Financial, we utilize maximum security and have a cyber company monitoring all our devices.

By the way, it’s National Financial Awareness Day! Time to get started? Click to schedule your free initial meeting.

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