Check Your Spare Tire (& Your Portfolio)

Last Monday was a day I’d rather forget. Nothing serious mind you but…. those who know me know that I’m pretty meticulous about keeping my car serviced and ready for most things that can go wrong.

I awoke to a flat tire. No problem. I keep an air pump / battery jumper combo in the back. No dice. The air pump was pumping air everywhere but none in my flat tire. Ok, time to pull out the spare. I took the spare out and: it was flat. Ok. I had to get a ride to buy a new pump. I got the new pump. Filled the spare tire up and the new pump overheated….. I had enough air to get it to my Costco tire center.

A few too many hours later, everything was repaired and I had a new air pump / jumper combo (buy it at Costco; it’s cheaper).
Be sure to check your spare tire. I know it can be time consuming to get it out, but you’ll thank me if you need it! While you’re at it, why not check your retirement portfolio? You want to make sure your investments don’t come up “flat” when you most need them. We offer a complimentary second opinion on your investments (and 401k reviews for our business owners). It’ll be easier than pulling out your spare tire. Click here to schedule your free review.