When Do You Know it’s Time to Retire?

One of the key areas we help our clients with is setting and achieving their retirement. Today I’d like to discuss this topic from a different perspective. Financial preparedness is key! If you’d like a second opinion on your retirement goal and retirement investments: reach out and schedule your free review.

My focus today is beyond the financial. There is an article in today’s Wall Street Journal on this topic that sparked my thinking. (You can click to see the highlights. If you’d like the full article, email us, and we will get it to you.) The other part is what you plan to do with that time and having a healthy mindset heading into retirement. Over my 30 years helping clients, I’ve seen those who have been very happy in their next phase of life and those who were less so.

Some of the keys to happy retirement that I have found are:

  1. Have hobbies and activities that you will do regularly once you stop working – and I mean beyond just traveling. Having groups you belong to is key and having friends and family you commune with is as well.
  2. Did you love your career? You don’t have to stop! You can advise/consult others in your field and/or do it part-time.
  3. Help others. Some of my happiest clients are those that help others, whether it’s via your church/temple or business groups.
  4. Take care of yourself! Your health is paramount. Stay active. Find (or start) groups that support your interests to stay fit. One of our clients started a hiking group and it was featured in the Sunday AJC!

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. There have been many times we have told our clients they shouldn’t retire yet even though they were ready financially. We felt they needed to work on the above key areas. We at E2E Financial are blessed to serve you and have helped many through this journey. Reach out if we can help you.

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