Theresa’s adventures (and tips!) in hiring.

As you may have heard, I plan to scale back my time at E2E Financial to pursue my artistic calling. This has left me with the daunting task of finding and training my replacement. Since this is my first venture into the hiring process, I was not sure what to expect. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve pulled my hair out. So now that I have gone through over 800 resumes, here are Theresa’s Tips for Getting Hired:

-Read the job posting’s instructions. If it says to include a resume AND cover letter, include both. You may have an incredible resume, but if you can’t follow instructions, you’re not moving on to the “potential hire” pool.

-Proofreading: If there is a spelling or glaring grammatical error in the cover letter or resume, you’re not moving to the next step. Use a spell check. Use it again. Have a friend or three read over your resume and cover letter for errors you’ve missed.

-Brevity: A resume should, ideally, be a single page. Most people do not have time to read a 5-page resume.

-Photos: Perhaps I’m old-fashioned, but including a photo on a resume for a job that is not fashion, modeling, or acting is a total faux pas to me. And please, please do not send a photo of yourself in a bathing suit. Even if it is a one-piece.

-Personalization: After dozens of cover letters addressed to “HR,” “hiring manager,” “sir/madam,” or “to whom it may concern,” it was nice to receive letters addressed personally to me. It shows that the person truly read the job posting, and did a little research on the business.

If you or someone you know is currently looking for a job, I hope these tips help get them hired. And by the way, we are still looking for a fantastic assistant to serve you .