E2E’s Top 5 Tech Tips You Can Use Now!

Your time is valuable and shouldn’t’t be spent troubleshooting your electronics! If you’ve ever lost an email or struggled to find an app on your phone, you’re not alone. E2E is here to help you expand your technological horizons and boost your productivity with these five helpful technology tips:

  • Save time with the best desktop keyboard shortcuts.
    • ​Control (Ctrl)+ S = save
    • Ctrl + Z = undo last action
    • Highlight text or an image and then click: Ctrl + C = copy
    • Ctrl + V = paste
    • Check out other shortcuts for Windows and Mac.
  • Add malware and antivirus to protect your computer and phone and important files.
  • Update your email from older databases (Hotmail, ATT, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)
    • Email addresses like these often experience issues receiving/opening secure emails; as well as the inability to process calendar invitations. We recommend GMAIL.
  • Sometimes, even real emails from your friends or family wind up in your Spam/Junk folder.
    • ​In GMAIL, go to your Spam folder (usually on left side of screen). If you see an email that’s not junk, right click on the email and select “not spam.”
    • Be sure to add safe senders to your contacts to prevent their emails winding up in the junk folder in the future.
  • Use AirDrop your iPhone to instantly share photos, text messages, videos, documents, websites and more!
    • Make sure your Bluetooth and WiFi are turned on and that the person you are sharing with is nearby. If sharing a photo, go to the photo, tap bottom left to share and AirDrop is the first option. Your nearby friend’s icon will pop up, then tap it. They then “accept” the photo you just sent and now it is in their library!

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