2024 Hinman Dental Meeting Recap

Another fantastic Hinman Dental Meeting is in the books. This meeting makes me extra proud to be an Atlantan. I had the privilege to reconnect with many dental colleagues and see many of our clients. A special thank you to our clients who made it to our luncheon.

I attended three education classes and have some takeaways that you may find helpful.

Metrics & Goals: The Numbers Start the Story By Ms. Laci Phillips Newland

Laci is a fantastic speaker and fellow ADMC member. Her focus was on gauging your dental business’ KPI’s. Takeaways:

  • Look at last year’s numbers. Specifically, what did it take to run your business last year? (Expenses)
  • Look at the number of days worked by hygienist and by doctor last year
  • Collections ratio should be 98% or higher.
  • Have a fee analysis done. That includes: practice fees, insurance reimbursement fees and hygiene fees.
  • If you are reviewing your practice numbers, verify where your data is coming from and that it’s accurate. Key if you are using a third party to help organize/analyze the data like Adit. Need to have good data!
  • Need current numbers (I’m a fan of monthly Profit and Loss). It’s the report card of your practice health.
  • Bonuses should be done by team NOT by individual. Build the team culture.
  • Schedule is done based on doctor and team schedule NOT the patients.
  • Account receivables should never be more than 1 month’s production. 90 days out should be less than 5%. Use text to pay.
  • Must have a written policy to collect from the patient.
  • Day-end report must be done every day.

The True Value of Digital Dentistry: A Four Step Revolution for Your Practice By Dr. Joshua Austin

Dr. Austin is a great speaker. Really enjoyed his insight on helping practices maximize the clinical experience for patients using technology as a tool. Takeaways:

  • Dr. Austin is a big proponent of using intraoral scanners. iTero in particular. Note the sale-ability of and support of used iTeros.
  • Have 2 scanners: 1 for the doctor(s) and 1 for the hygienist(s).
  • Scan patients once per year. Yes, you may have to absorb the cost but visually documenting and measuring your patients teeth is the key to higher case acceptance.
  • iTero lumina (new) scanner can save you 50% time to scan per patient
  • Scanned patients= patients who accept treatment.
  • Invisalign: you need more than the 3-hour basic training to be good and confident. Get additional coaching/training. He recommends Molis Coaching. Grads do 76 more cases and get discounted Invisalign pricing
  • Mark the margin on the scan. It takes 45 seconds and key to better crowns.
  • Scanning a single unit crown and sending via cloud can be made, shipped and received in 3 to 4 business days instead of 2 weeks. Time = money. Less waiting time is increases likelihood of patient keeping appointment and getting crown(s). (yes, Cerec too!)
  • With scanning you can use Invisalign smile architect using AI. Show your patient how they can look.
  • Always take pictures of your cases! (Before and after) Yes, even with an iPhone and a ring light.
  • Always ask all patients, “Do you like your smile?” Make sure they answer the question. These discussions uncover cases and increase case acceptance.
  • Scanning all new patients can increase business 26%.

Get Off The Team Turnover Wheel! Find, Hire and Retain an Amazing Team By Kevin Henry

Kevin is a great speaker and a great way to close out the Hinman. He is the Co-Founder of IgniteDA. He addressed one of dentistry’s top concerns: staffing. Takeaways:

  • Think about the moments that bring you and others a smile. Add those moments in your practice
  • The current generation of workers wants to know that they make a difference. You, the doctor, need to let them know they do.
  • Not a bad idea to let patients know if you are short-staffed. They can be more empathetic to your situation.
  • Have a mission statement. The MS is the glue that keeps the dental team together.
  • In hiring, ask open ended questions like “Tell me about when you worked at Dr. Smith’s office…” delete Y/N questions. Do NOT rush an interview. Invest time in the potential hire.
  • It’s key to show your staff they are more than an employee (EE) and they are a vital part of the team.
  • Do more “stay interviews”, sit down with staff individually and ask how they are doing and what the practice can do better.
  • Have scheduled training days for the staff. Must be constant learners.
  • You run a business. You must make tough choices. The team is only as strong as its weakest EE.

Hope you found value in this week’s Dental Insights. As always, we are here to help you take your financial goals and make them a reality. Reach out to schedule your free initial consultation.

Make it a great last week of March and start of April!