Theresa Bell

Marketing Director

Theresa Donohue has worked with E2E Financial since its inception in 2015. She has held several administrative and customer service roles with the company and now oversees the design and production of educational materials to help E2E clients succeed. She manages the E2E social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook and organizes educational webinars for E2E clientele. The E2E Financial logo featuring a Jack Russell terrier with bow-tie is her illustration.

A fellow business owner, Theresa brings an entrepreneurial mindset to her work. She is familiar with the day-to-day operations and challenges business owners face and strives to focus on solutions to business management and growth issues, as well as the unique issues dental practices encounter. While she misses the more direct client interaction she used to have, she enjoys using her creative talent to communicate with clients through articles, videos, blogs and other media to help their practices excel.

A native of Woodstock, a formerly small rural town in Georgia, Theresa worked in Atlanta at the E2E Atlanta office for several years. With a solid internet connection, a hot cup of coffee and more than eight years of business experience, she now serves the financial practice in a remote capacity.

Theresa currently lives on a small farm in Harrison, Tennessee, with her husband, Stephen, and their dog, MacLeod. She is enjoying the country life and her new project of raising chickens and goats on Laughing Guardian Farm. The peaceful countryside also contributes to her inspiration for graphic design and content development and serves as a backdrop for her artistic drawing and painting.